Apple vs Android. Who Has the Better Email App?

So here is the situation. I get this question more than any other with regards to comparing iPhone vs Android. Which phone makes it easier to check and send emails?

Before I answer, I have to disclose that there are better email apps for the iPhone than the native Mail app but since the majority of people just use Mail, I will compare that app to Android’s Gmail application.


I have to credit to Android.  If you use gmail, you are going to love the look. The material design is slick and allows you to switch accounts from any screen which is crucial for people that need easy access to email. All you have to do is swipe right. Easy enough! Also, the promotions and social inbox declutter your inbox so that you don’t have to see these unnecessary spammy emails. 


Apple Mail has its perks. I love the fact that it recognizes Exchange automatically which is great for corporate America. I love the font choices that Apple has made for the app. 

However, it requires to many steps to navigate and can be all around frustrating. I find that often times I have sent emails just sitting in the outbox that I thought were sent hours ago. That’s unacceptable to me.  Granted, every user will have a different opinion and experience with both of these, but I am just speaking from my personal experience. 

So all things being equal, I have to give Android the win here. In our next post, we will outline the 5 best email apps for your phone. 

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