Five Facebook Marketing Strategies That Work

Perhaps you’ve read articles that tell you the same Facebook techniques: Upload photos, be sure to ask questions, and make sure you post at an optimal time. Repeat this frequently and you are on your way to being a social media megastar. Right? If you work in the social media space, you’ve heard these generic … Continued

A Movie Poster a Day

As a web designer, you look at crazy places to find inspiration. It could be just about anything but some websites are really awesome to get some true wisdom.  I found this really great gem created by Peter Majarich. He has given himself the task of creating a movie poster a day.  Folks, this guy … Continued

Five Amazing Free Stock Photo Websites for Business Owners

  Have you ever worked on a newsletter or blog post and needed pictures, and you thought that you can just go buy a cheap one from a site like istockphoto or Shutterstock. And then you get to and realize nothing is cheap? I have. And I am sure you have too. Sticker shock is … Continued

Why You Should Build Your E-Mail List Right Away

E-mail Lists? Really? Email is the most powerful communication tool online to date. Social media websites ask you for your email address every time you go out to create an account. All the companies you apply to for a job, demand it from you for further interaction. Every work day starts with people going through … Continued

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Can posting something on Instagram at the right time actually bring you more likes and comments? You might prefer to disagree with the statement, acting defensive towards the quality of your product or reputation of your business. But, do you really think posting a photo or video at 3 pm on Monday afternoon will actually … Continued

Apple vs Android. Who Has the Better Email App?

So here is the situation. I get this question more than any other with regards to comparing iPhone vs Android. Which phone makes it easier to check and send emails? Before I answer, I have to disclose that there are better email apps for the iPhone than the native Mail app but since the majority … Continued

Spotify is Making Original Video Shows and I Love It

The best $9.99 I spend a month is on my Spotify subscription. Now, that sentiment has just firmed up because my favorite streaming service is making video shows exclusive for its service. When I first heard this I was troubled because I didn’t think any of the shows would be up my alley of video … Continued