Spotify is Making Original Video Shows and I Love It


The best $9.99 I spend a month is on my Spotify subscription. Now, that sentiment has just firmed up because my favorite streaming service is making video shows exclusive for its service.

When I first heard this I was troubled because I didn’t think any of the shows would be up my alley of video consumption. Wrong.

Some of the highlights include Rush Hour, a show which challenges two hip hop artists to make a new remix or collaboration in the back of a van. Stuck in Los Angeles traffic, they’ll need to put the track together before arriving at a secret stage in a parking lot. There, they’ll have to perform the track to a crowd of rambunctious fans. Another, Landmark, will be a documentary series explaining moments or movements in music history. Along with exclusive interviews and archival footage, there will be a companion podcast breaking down the tracks in each episode.

Yeah, this looks promising.

source – bloomberg

picture – engadget

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